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graveyard-whistler ouch that hurt

Aah, dang, I just saw yours. I meant YMB, but it applies to everyone. I’ve made and then not posted several sets because people have done them just before me.

I don’t know what the tumblr gif etiquette is. I mean, the way I see it, everyone is bound to capture a scene differently, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t want to tick people off accidentally. Or purposefully. :X

I feel you man, the holding back thing happens to me frequently too, especially after an exciting episode.

Personally, I don’t think you should GIF something that’s similar if an existing post is already within the first few pages of the tags. Improving on a post (like you did) however, is completely fine.

Anyway, like you said; down the road, everything is going to be re-GIFed eventually. No one’s going to dig through old, buried posts just to see if a GIF’s been done before when making a GIF from an old video :T


MYTHICAL BEASTS! As we are all aware of now, Rhett and Link’s Twitter account has been hacked by a bunch of weenies with no lives. Its likely that Rhett and Link can’t actually access the Twitter account now if the clown bags have changed the password and attached email address.


Go in to the settings gear and click “Block or Report”, then file a report and choose “This account may have been compromised”. It should alert Twitter and hopefully they will be able to recover the account faster, if not get rid of the offensive Tweets!

Hiatus Until 30 September

Mod Post:

Mostly to focus on my upcoming examinations. I won’t be posting anything till then, but I’ll probably continue rebloging stuff… if I find the time to come online.

Well, I’m off to the outernets. See you guys soon!